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Florida Family Law Overview

Issues of Divorce and Family Law are extremely complicated. In no other area of law will the outcome be more significant and have such long lasting effects on clients and their families.  The firm handles the  divorce action, or dissolution of marriage, as well as matters involving asset and liability distribution called equitable distribution. Mr. Nicol's ability and experience will ensure all divorce issues including alimony, child custody and child support will be resolved in the best interest of his clients.

 In addition to issues typically handled in a divorce case, Your Orange Park Lawyer, P.A. handles  many other important family law issues such as Paternity, Premarital and Post Marital Agreements, Relocation of Children, Modification actions, and Mediation. For more information on a specific area of law, please follow one of the links at the top or below.

 Here are a few of the Florida Family Law areas that Your Orange Park Lawyer P.A., can help you with:
Alimony - Alimony Modification - Business Valuation - Child Custody & Time Sharing - Child Support - Collaborative Divorce - Divorce - Marital Settlement Agreement - Mediation - Modification/Enforcement - Paternity - Prenuptial Agreement - Property Division - Recovery of Attorney's Fees - Relocation with Children


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